About Wynn

DSC_8756 copy rtWynn O’Neill is a firmly-planted resident, realtor, builder and businessman in Laguna Beach, California. He is a well-versed in the real estate market throughout Orange County, but his focus and his heart are in Laguna Beach. He and his Wife own their home here and have built and sold several others. He has reprsented some of the most prominent commercial properties in the area and yet has many satisfied residential clients.

As a builder himself and a highly-trained Previews International agent, Wynn offers a caring approach to the exciting, yet stressful situation of a family move, but adds to his talent the knowledge and refined art of evaluating and selling commercial properties. At his disposal, Wynn has a network of experts such as architects, designers, landscapers, marketing specialists and legal advisors all contributing to his clients’ success.

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